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Will Froelich

UI/UX/Frontend/iOS in Los Angeles, CA

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Go Pro Storyteller

GoPro Overview

The Goal

GoPro owners camera a lot of content with their cameras. Many users do not edit or share their videos after the fact. We need to design something that will get more users sharing content.

The Problem

It's easy to capture footage on a GoPro camera. That's the point. It lends itself to a quick shot here and here but a user can also end up with a long take with many moments.

Once a user has footage on their computer, they either need to use a non-linear editor (NLE) or use the GoPro studio desktop app. Users tests show these to be overbearing and too slow for most users. We needed to fix this.

The "Must Haves"

Editor in Action

The Process

This project was truly a team effort. We had a UX designer, a researcher, a product designer/producer and myself (engineer.) I was asked to join the team after the first round of validation proved the pain point.

I proposed a new method of editing where the user would select their moments and the timeline would "re-edit" itself to match the song. Unlike a typical template, this would utilize information about the BPM of the matching song and match their selected moment to the point in the song that delivered the most impact.

We tested this idea with many users and had them edit their own footage with our tool. It was a little rough for people who were used to the traditional NLE. They complained that there wasn't enough control. We then made them create a few more edits with the same footage and that's when they all "got it." Watching them experiment with different edits without feeling worried they wasted time was great.

As we learned more about how people edit and watched what they were doing, we refined our prototype. We ran user tests after each evolution to make sure we were on track.

Music Picker

My Contribution

I was the sole developer for this project. I contributed my own ideas based on years of domain knowledge about the NLE. I also implemented ideas and features from everyone on the team.

I worked quickly and leveraged a hybrid app approach. I wrote a simple webview wrapper for macOS in Swift and the application was written in javascript. I wrote most of the NLE management and video tools in Swift leveraging AVFoundation and other CoreMedia frameworks. The GUI was done in HTML/CSS/JS so that we could more rapidly completely change the UI without the complex UIKit overhead. The GoPro team uses QT around a webkit view for their production apps and we also wanted to have the potential for shareable code down the road.


This product's features and patterns were implemented in a new product renamed Quik for Desktop. The whole process stands as one of my favorite projects I've been a part of. It was great to work with a team that was so dialed into the user driven design process. Everyone had their own opinions about what we could build or what we should test but we were always able to reconcile them into a cohesive next step.

Not every prototype or R&D project makes it to prime time but this one did and I'll always be a little extra proud of that.