Will Froelich

Meow Meow Beenz

Will Froelich

Developer, Designer in Los Angeles, CA

{ "title": "Meow Meow Beenz", "data": "03/14/2014", "excerpt": "Using Parse iOS SDK and a 3 day iOS app build. Notes from the Dean" } Weird lines

Making an iOS App in 3 days

Can it be done?

Meow Meow Beenz Screens

Sure! I mean, it's going to look pretty tragic but nobody can say it doesn't exist. In case you're thinking I'm to blame for this abomination, I'd refer you to NBS's Community: S5E08

This was mostly an excuse to try out Parse's fancy "Backend as a service". I think it was pretty successful. I was able to quickly scan their docs and get to the implementation without much effort.

My favorite part of this project was the custom star (cat) ((beenz)) rating system. It's just so satisfying to give someone 1 beenz and hear the "meow meow meow" sound on a downward run.

The trick to Meow Meow Beenz power is that the higher your rating, the more power you have to affect other's rating. This means that if you are a 5 beenz'er, you can effectively destroy someone's rating with one vote. Given, beenz don't mean much, unless say everyone decided to use beenz as law and in the span of 3 days, degenerated into a oppressive, beeenz rule society where food availability is shaped by beenz; but that would be silly.

Download it here